U.S. consumer confidence is only a point or two away from the highest in recent times. That was in 1985. Most wise people know that no matter who wins the presidency, our nation is strong and the people are united in its strengthening economy. We are doing that with expenditures for our homes.

With mortgage rates at historic lows, consumers are spending. Looking at recent U.S. Department of Commerce charts, top on the shopping list is a new car or truck. A distant second area of spending is major appliances, further proving that big item replacement can no longer be delayed.

Next on the list are purchases of furniture, televisions, bedding, china, glassware, carpeting and other home products tell us that the consumer is investing in their quality of life and securing their financial future by keeping their homes updated.

Savvy industries and their marketers are taking advantage of our quest for The Good Life. Are you in any of these industries and in need of new marketing strategies?