You notice that we didn’t say, “How to write blogs that come up first in searches”; or, “How to write a blog that keeps visitors on your site.” We can tell you how to do that, too. Easy. Just plagiarize another blog, add a whole bunch of keywords and post on every platform known to have visitors.

How about having some integrity and penning your own stuff? Your target reader wants something they don’t already have – your brain​. They want your best advice​, your experience via stories.​ Have passion for what you are telling them. Need some facts and history? That’s okay. Spend a bit of time on research. However, no reader has time for long white papers. Staccato advice is appealing. We know one company marketer who simply posts one piece of advice each work day, usually one sentence. I have time to read that. And, target post, don’t blast. Your hit numbers may go up, but you’ve wasted their time.​

Quality and original blog content supports your brand and builds trust. With all our blogs, we take a stand. We love what we do – help nonprofits reach their goals. It’s a lot of work. We pick up where volunteers fade back. We are beyond grateful for our clients’ trust. So, when we post a blog, we share our knowledge, our opinions, and most of all we respect our readers’ time and intelligence.