It’s easy to find disturbing business news. On any given day it could be gold falling. bonds down, retail brick and mortar stores boarded up, recalls, and so much more. And that’s without the human tragedy occurring globally and right on our own street.

But, on that same day, there might be an announcement that orders for cargo planes have soared and news that manufacturing has hit a broad rebound demanding massive hiring. Our consumption of information and news is astounding. How much can we digest?

Marketers must pierce through the chaos pinpointing their targets with compelling and creative messaging. Best to do that with nuggets. I haven’t seen them do it for a long time, but one of my favs was Aaron Brothers Art Mart commercials. The screen was black. Then a bright white 1 cent filled the screen. Nothing else. I don’t even remember audio. But we all knew it was time for the one cent frame sale.

Short and sweet. Now that’s worth framing.