First, let’s get this said: “media giants?” are by their very nature self-promoting. Not only do they promote themselves, but they are hell-bent to push their “product.” So, when Bob Pittman, chairman and CEO of iHeartMedia talks advice and predictions, it’s going to promote radio. When Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, speaks at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, he’s going to predict the growth of virtual-reality. Why? Because Facebook owns a VR company (Oculus).

But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t listen to these and other leaders in the forefront of media marketing. They save us time and money. They and their staffs are conducting millions of dollars of consumer research and surveys, thousands of hours of think tanks, and mining the very best minds in an effort to always be at the forefront of their media. You should soak up their advice and predictions and use what seems prudent for your company or association, large or small.

Social chatter is how you talk about your hobbies (pets, food, vacations, and gossip). Using social media is no longer an add-on media for associations and business. It is an integral part of any strategy. Get your customers, members and employees chatting.

The consumer virtual reality content market will reach well over $8 billion by 2020. How will you use this fast growing tool?