There’s an interior design firm we know that has a spectacular website. It’s impactful, shows the designer’s point of view, imparts fashion direction, and makes you want to toss everything in your home to the local charitable outlet and start over with her guidance. And, amazingly this is all accomplished on her home page. Decidedly mesmerizing and motivating.

Having dinner with a friend this week, I was eager to share my designer find and pulled out my phone. Within seconds I became apologetic. The site that came up for mobile search was dull and dry with all text and almost no color. The designer’s superior creativity had not been transferred to “the small screen.”

With nearly 80% of all web searches now being carried out on hand-held devices, creative time and energy must be spent to protect your brand – your business – by optimizing design for your mobile reputation. The shift to smartphones being the center of our universes has really happened over the last 36 months. Even grannies are now checking sigalert and calling for a uber. Millennials may not even have a desktop computer.

So, let’s all check our palm presence and make sure we are wowing potential customers in those first 3 seconds.