Busy, busy, busy, we are. But not ALL the time. Turns out that integrated with the challenges of everyday life and learning how to code from your first grader, we still make time for leisure. Why is this of interest to marketers? Because we want some of that attention.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans over the age of 15 carve out 5 hours of leisure time daily. Well, 4 hours and 59 minutes. This is what we do with that time: 2 hours and 47 minutes is dedicated to watching TV; 41 minutes is spent socializing and communicating (we presume this includes phone calls, texting and chatting in the elevator);being on the computer for leisure and playing games takes 25 minutes; Reading for pleasure grabs 19 minutes; then we exercise for 18 minutes; incredibly we actually relax and think without moving a finger for 17 minutes; and finally, 12 minutes are carved out for – um, well, other leisure activities.

Leisure reading is at an all-time low and has fallen 30% since 2004. Back then, 28% of Americans age 15 and older read for pleasure daily. Last year the figure was 19%. Men lead the abandonment of pleasure reading with a 40% drop, women down 29%.

Which slice on the pie chart grew? What lured us away from that pithy romance novel? You’re looking at it.