The answer could be a series of books – e-books, of course. Data, data, data. That’s what all marketers want, but from where? From what research source? After all, there are thousands of those, too!

Here’s some basic news watching data from Pew Research Center showing the habits of our four favorite age groups: (These numbers will add up to more than 100% as people marked multiple sources for news.)

Boomers 65+

  • 85% go to cable, local & network TV
  • 48% read print newspapers
  • 20% say they go to websites, apps & social media

Adults 50-64

  • 72% are on cable, local & network TV
  • 29% use websites, apps & social media
  • 29% get news from radio
  • 23% read newspapers

Millennials 30-49

  • 49% get news from websites, apps, & social media
  • 45% are on cable, local & network TV
  • 27% listen to radio news
  • 10% read newspapers

Adults 18-29

  • 50% are on websites, apps & social media
  • 27% watch cable, local & network TV
  • 14% get news from radio
  • 5% read print newspapers

So, as you can see, whatever is your target is a moving one. Baby boomers are the easiest to find. Their habits are set. Notice there are no magazines showing in the top sources for news and information.

The next step for the media buyer is to dissect each of those media channels to learn which sites, stations, or papers their age target is using for news. See? This is why the data folks are so well paid. Selling RVs? Do you want families or retirees?

Well, we’ve given you a place to start. But, it’s hardly a rifle shot to your mark. If you are marketing laundry detergent, you’d better have a LOT of money. We are assuming all age groups wash their clothes.