We work with a wide variety of industries and all have seen a great 2017. So, as all sectors have risen, the vast support system for better business and more consumer demand has worn thin. A high-grade problem, you say?

A recent report cites a freight demand that are giving many industries hiccups. Right now, there is just one truck for every 12 loads needing to be shipped and delivered. We’re told that this is the most “unbalanced market” since October 2005. If goods are timely or vital, costs soar when premiums are paid to trucking companies and warehouses. Those costs will reasonably be passed on to the end users. But, there’s good news here – well, lots of it, really.

Orders are stacked high for new trucks to be manufactured. Freight demand soared with this holiday season and, with the stock market gurus seeing another year or two of record postings, manufacturing and all its contributory parts suppliers, are in for a great 2018-19.

More good news is that with trucking fleets about to expand, there is dire need for more drivers. The trucking industry lists ‘driver shortage’ as their top concern. These are well-paying jobs. Anyone want to start a new truck driving school and placement center?