We’ve been approached by some associations in recent months who, after being asked our typical list of first questions, admit that their organization is on its last legs. A few are on their knees ready to roll over. But why call us NOW when the resurrection assignment is monumental? These are groups of intelligent professionals in their fields. They took board positions at some point to be leaders of their industry. Apparently, survival instinct is missing.

Many associations and business groups are finally coming out of their gloom from The Great Recession and want to return to the Good Old Days of active membership, offering services and education for members, and enjoying the camaraderie of gala get togethers. Only one problem – no one was watching the checkbook. Membership drives were dormant and the value of membership could not be defended.

There is no greater responsibility of a board member than to watch over members’ money and not see it squandered. One wonders how their personal finances fare.

I’d like to think of Huntington Association Management as miracle workers ready for any challenge, and we are. However, raising membership and activity from the dead will need funds for communication and outreach initiatives.

Before your association funds are too low to get help from outside management, make the call. It is your fiduciary responsibility to use members’ money for their benefit. They depend on you for that leadership – at a minimum.