We’ve all done it. We buy something at a store or on line, we like a website or an organization, and the next thing you know, you are getting emails from them. It is the way of the world now, isn’t it? You bought your wife a gift at anthropology but don’t really need to see all the new dress styles for summer on a daily feed. And, members of associations, even though they pay to belong, can tire of too-frequent communication or subjects of little interest.

Let’s look at it from the other side, the business or organization’s point of view or purpose.

First, let’s get something clear, email is not dead as some marketing mavens have written. What IS dead, or should be, is shotgun email that hits anyone with a computer or phone without being targeted or personalized. Modern email can be programmed to be unique to each user and to their specific interests. “Spray and pray” may work for insurance or mortgage companies but, not for companies who want to keep their relationships with subscribers.

There are two ways to make sure your subscriber or email list stays with you;

  1. Ask them what they want to see and hear. It’s amazing that so few surveys are done to data bases. It’s fast, easy and costs almost nothing. What’s tricky is writing the proper questions and knowing how to interpret the answers.
  2. There are many good database management systems and programs on the market. The really specific ones can be budget-busters but may be worth it if you get the segmentation you seek.

We’ve helped organizations find out what their membership wants. Sometimes management is surprised but can refocus on better service. – and fewer unsubscribes.