We’ve written that the desktop monitor is quickly becoming an antique. Consumers and business people use mobile devices most of the time. Seems all the time for many. Some reports say 70% of “reading time” is on a phone. Might be higher. When news cycles and content is whirling we just can’t say no to the feeds.

Social networks influence how we learn about the world. The Pew Research Center reports that 44% of Americans cite Facebook as their source of news. Remember, 67% of adults use Facebook. It’s ahead of YouTube at 48%, 16% on Twitter and only 4% on Reddit.

It’s not just news we yearn for – some might say are addicted to – but we want movies in our hand. Despite the strain of watching television shows and movies on our phones, 25% of consumers now watch more than two hours of video on their smart phone each week. About 62% of smartphone users stream video directly from a Web page or website like Facebook.

What does all this mean for businesses trying to market to their targets? Lots of things, but we’ll just stop at the obvious; Produce short, quality video keeping in mind that the sound will be competing with street noise and the graphics may be seen in bright sun. The numbers of people willing to receive your message in the two-inch square space is growing every day. We need to make it easy for them to be enticed.