In a seemingly online world, print advertising and print collateral continue to be vital elements in most media branding plans. Gone are the days of buying a 12-page section in your major city newspaper for a weekend sale. The economy took care of that kind of spending. While newspapers did not responded to the Internet inevitability until too late, they are still read by millions a day (New York Times and USA Today leading the pack). Recently, special interest magazines are enjoying a slight return to reader favor.

General consumer and special interest magazines continue to outperform newspapers with increases in print revenues. B to B publications report revenues unchanged from last year.

When thinking in terms of print collateral – brochures, catalogs, signs, posters, business cards, stationery, promotional items, etc., your business still needs them. Graphics and what we call “voice” must be consistent and flow through to whatever on line presence you have. Your image – your brand – must be tended in all forms.