Sales Tactics & Strategy

Whether you are a fledgling inventor with a great product or a well established manufacturer of major equipment, buyers expect professional marketing materials from you. It speaks to quality and professionalism. As a medium size company that may have hesitated having freshened collateral printed over the last few years, you must know that with the right tactics and tools, your sales staff will be more effective, allowing them to focus on closing more business deals, rather than relying on old sales sheets, catalogs or simply leaving a business card. You deserve to help them meet their cold-calling or estimating quota.

Working on a consultant basis, we can develop tightly integrated solutions utilizing your inside sales, customer service, outside sales staff, distribution sales channels and/or rep agencies to close the loop on the marketing lead development cycle and more effectively close new business. We understand the two-step distribution structure.

We have three decades of experience in working with manufacturers, most in the high end home products and home builder arenas preparing a cohesive package of material that makes sales easier for them. Think you don’t need this?

There’s no difference between the work it takes to build a sales sheet for printing and to build one for a page on your web site. ALL the materials and graphics for your company or product must be consistent for proper branding. We will make certain that your sales efforts are backed up with great materials and web content