How We Help

There are many books on marketing, on branding, on getting good publicity, on Internet strategies, and, when all else fails, Gorilla marketing. But, you have come to our marketing agency, filled with seasoned talent, because your challenges are unique. No chapter of marketing strategy will fit you. You need advice tailored to you and your current challenges and your future plans. There’s no one-size-fits-all in the communications world. That’s why marketing and public relations must be tailored specifically to you.

There are many firms that specialize in just one aspect of business marketing. Unfortunately, that makes for “one-note-Charlie’s”. There are solutions that can be found in areas of business other than yours. Let’s mine those marketing ideas and tips. In other words, let’s learn from others missteps and their successes. While we have experience in many areas of the economy, and are sure to bring skills to meet your goals, we believe strongly in having a well-rounded team of marketing talent to address your issues.

It all begins with a meeting. Typically, we come to you. We immerse ourselves in your situation and your goals. Then we brainstorm among ourselves to start to outline how we might best work with you. Believe it or not, we have tactfully declined work from certain businesses when we felt the expectations were out of line with the marketplace. Our instincts have proven spot on.

What we’re trying to say is that we are honest and will tell you what we think, not what we think you want to hear. That does you no good when revitalizing marketing strategy. You’ll find this approach to our working relationship very refreshing and productive.