Online Advertising & Search Marketing

You’ve got a great web site. Now what? Now it’s time to bring targeted traffic to your site. With the number of online media outlets and search marketing opportunities growing daily, it’s easier (and potentially more confusing) than ever to get lots and lots of traffic to your web site.

But wait. Lots and lots of traffic is not really what you want. Targeted traffic interested in purchasing your products and services is what you really want. You can easily spend lots of money getting lots of traffic with very little ROI if the traffic coming to your site is not particularly what you’d define as a good prospect.

Let us show you the in’s and out’s of online advertising and search marketing and put together a strategy within your current budget that turns your web site from a static brochure into a live lead generating, revenue churning machine.

  • Manage Bing and Google Campaigns
  • Manage Amazon and Shopzilla/ Bizrate Campaigns

Just ask yourself how many more good leads can you afford to miss each month. Customers are searching for what you sell at this very moment. Give us a call and we can actually show you just how many leads you’re missing right now. More importantly, we will show you how to get those leads to visit your site and convert them into new customers, through the webs most popular Advertising Networks.

Online Advertising and Search Marketing Gemis