Content Management System

If you’re not a control freak, once your site is built by us, you’ll happily become one! We offer a Content Management System that can give you complete control over every aspect of your site’s content in an extremely easy to use, intuitive web-based administrative interface. It’s easy, but it’s also very robust and powerful.

We develop a Content Management System (CMS) so it can be used by anyone without absolutely any knowledge of web site programming or development so they can instantly take control of the content of an entire web site.

No matter how much we tried to imagine what every customer would want in a CMS, we realized that customers will always have special custom requirements. So we can build a CMS with an open framework to seamlessly integrate custom modules that we develop for clients along with the standard modules already designed into the CMS in the same easy to use administrative interface. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Content Management System EvenTemp

Here are just a few of the key features of a Content Management System:

Allows for completely customized web page designs

  • No standard templates to limit the design of the pages
  • Every design is unique and individually integrated to work with the Content Management System
  • Flash elements can be integrated into the front end, and can even be controlled and modified through the Content

Management System 

Complete control of menus navigation

  • Drop-down style menu navigation is completely controlled through the Content Management System
  • Multiple levels of drop-down menus can be created instantly
  • Pages and navigation can be updated and rearranged on the fly

Complete control over page content

  • Specify browser title, menu titles, browser URL paths
  • WYSIWYG style page editor for easy updating of page content
  • CSS based text styles so your fonts, colors, titles, links, etc. will stay consistent site-wide
  • Upload, organize and insert images and other digital assets from the File Library
  • Create tables for more complex layouts
  • Allows for complete HTML editing and control for those who prefer to edit code

Standard modules

  • News o FAQ’s / Knowledge-base
  • Articles
  • Product Manager
  • Case Studies
  • E-Campaigns
  • Online Form Requests
  • many more…

Custom Modules

  • Any custom modules we create or any standard modules can be modified and seamlessly integrated into the same easy to use administrative interface

User Administration

  • Allow other users to login to the CMS and have access to certain sections of the Content Management System that you specify