Marketing & Campaign Development

Do your marketing efforts resemble a finely integrated team working together toward a common goal? A well planned and executed marketing campaign consists of key fundamental elements necessary to produce the desired ROI.

When it comes to developing new business in existing or new markets, most struggle to truly define their target audience. That’s where we come in.

There are three key elements to successful marketing campaigns. You can’t substitute one for the other. If you look back at any failed or lackluster marketing efforts from your own experience, you’ll agree that one or more of the elements below was missing or not placed correctly.

First: More often than not, your target audience is made up of several groups. Although each situation is unique, you must identify targets and evaluate them by their short and long range potential. In other words, first, we research, then rank your target markets.

Second: In this over-advertised world, it is more important than ever to find the right media mix for for your target audiences. Your business and your market are unique. We excel at finding media channels to your target audience and developing a strategy that consistently delivers your message over time.

Third: We develop graphics and copy that grabs instant attention and elicits action. This may seem simply stated, but it is rarely accomplished in today’s creative field. We create campaigns that properly reflect your brand, communicate only the key differentiating points and value propositions, and sell your products or services.

As your outside marketing team we have the immediate advantage of evaluating your challenges from a fresh perspective, without preconceptions but with a clear sight of how customers who know very little about you would perceive you. We would love the opportunity to demonstrate how our broad experience and unique capabilities can be combined to produce a winning marketing plan that will ensure results for your company.

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