Social Networking And Social Media Optimization

Social media marketing is most ideal in person…however participating on line is now a part of many peoples’ daily personal and business lives. This allows the sharing of thoughts and ideas among the broadest spectrum of potential customers. The informal opt-in format allows welcome exchange of first-hand information and experiences…from friendships to professional alliances.

We can Customize your pages on every network, to fit your brands look and feel, just like the way you have done it for your website.

Think you know social media for restaurants

It’s hard to ignore the value that social networks have for brands, products and organizations. We represent you by staying connected to your costumers and fans by offering up-to-date information, interacting with them and responding to their questions, hourly if appropriate!

We have the tools, time, and talent to post messages to your Facebook and Twitter accounts from one platform. Fans have grown quickly to over 8500 in just a few months. This following beats many popular restaurants that are Nationally franchised.

What messages are you posting to your social network accounts? Are you getting the feedback and ROI you expected? Let us help this very important and ever changing new communication medium.

We Also customize Blogs, like WordPress and Blogger, Type Pad, Tumblr and more.

Social Networking and Social Media Optimization Social Media

Case Studies

Restaurant in San Gabriel Valley:This popular chain of restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley has been around for decades. With little marketing budget and a slow economy, they sought our help in reintroducing the community to them. We incorporated a multi-platform branding campaign that included traditional advertising such as cable, regular publicity, movie theater promotion, and print ads. Then we layered on social media. Text messaging, Twitter and Facebook supported the ads, directed people to the web site and encouraged customer feedback. Facebook and Twitter numbers took off. With relevant content being posted weekly, and sometimes daily, fans interacted with these messages and let us know they were coming in that day for either our newest menu item being broadcast or for the upcoming event. Then we began to suggest the weekly dinner pairings.

Regional Association: This regional industry association covers the states of Hawaii, Nevada and California. With many complex government issues and legislation changing the way their members do business, we have utilized social networks to inform and interact with the members. Many people ask questions and others feel free to chime in and offer answers. It is an open forum of thoughts on many subjects including better ways of handling their businesses. While many Board of Director officers were hesitant to get on the social networking bandwagon, many of have changed their mind. They now understand the immediacy and the importance of frequently communicating with their rank and file members.