Print Advertising

The typical newspaper or magazine reader spends very little time – actually less than a second – paying attention to advertising before they turn a page. After you’ve got their attention, you have maybe another second to keep it.

To make sure your ad gets the most attention, it’s important to emphasize advertising placement in the right publication and in the right section of that publication to consistently get your message in front of your target. It’s even more imperative to create advertising that stops readers in their tracks, and compels them to buy your product or hire your service. If your ad doesn’t create that kind of action consistently over time, all that advertising money you spent is wasted as readers continually glance past your advertisement and turn the page.

Our advertising sells. Some creative firms feel print advertising falls into the non-specific category of “general advertising” meant to get exposure and build brand awareness. We think that’s a great excuse for advertising that doesn’t directly produce results.

With the money you’re spending on advertising placement, your advertising should be producing direct sales. Successful print advertising campaigns creates excitement, engages your targets, generates news, provides a compelling call to action and directly produces leads and direct sales of your products or services. But it should also promote exposure beyond the printed page into brand awareness. Advertising in essence becomes another form of public relations.

Our advertising campaign for The City of Industry played the humor card in its goal of attracting California and international firms to relocate to Industry. The campaign resulted in a 25% increase in inquiries and the ongoing marketing program has reduced vacancies to almost zero.

Get more from your advertising by giving us a call to see how we can show you samples of successful advertising that combines design and copy for more than just exposure – it produces results.

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