Branding And Corporate Development

We will work with all levels of your organization on branding. Many people experience your brand in numerous ways: services, staff, community businesses, medical personnel, donors, case workers, the board, the press, etc.. Each of these contacts molds the impression of the brand. Some of these impressions are obvious, like service results and one-on-one interactions. Other contacts such as the brochures, monthly newsletters or donor thank-you letters may be subtler in their brand effects.

Your brand image creates expectations. It defines who you are, how you operate, and how you’re different from other organizations. In essence, your brand image is a promise – a promise that must be kept.

The customer experience can’t be left to chance. It should be actively designed and controlled in a manner that enhances your brand image. It must consistently reinforce the brand identity across every contact or the value of the brand itself is at risk.

There are five steps to building a strong brand and brand experience:

  1. Research today’s truths
  2. Identify customer touch points.
  3. Determine the most influential touch points.
  4. Design the optimal experience.
  5. Align the organization to consistently deliver the optimal experience.

A holistic approach to aligning your organization to consistently deliver the optimal experience is essential. Identify the people, processes, and tools that drive each key touch point. The best plan goes south if there is someone in the organization who does not support our effort. Or worse, they talk against it.

The impact of behind-the-scenes employees are less obvious but no less important than the frontline contacts. Similarly, the impact of workflow processes and tools (i.e. technology systems) on the customer experience may be less intuitive but crucial to consistent delivery.

Every service you bring to market yields a customer experience. Is it the experience you intend? Does that experience fulfill the promise you’ve made to the marketplace?

By identifying the people, processes, and tools that drive customer experience, you can actively design and control your own unique, optimized experience. The brand promise you make to the marketplace will be kept day in and day out across every key customer touch point, building a strong brand.

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