Flash & Motion Graphics

The powerful and extensible Flash and Silverlight platforms allow for just about any type of interactivity, multimedia integration and motion graphics to be integrated through a web page. It can also be used to facilitate a complete stand-alone application for use online or on the desktop. We are experts in motion graphics development. Whether you require animation, video, multimedia or application development, we have the knowledge and talent to develop solutions that will impress.

Flash animation and motion graphics elements can add richness, aesthetics and brand depth to any web site. They can also incorporate alternative means of navigation that allow a storyline or message to be communicated in a controlled manner on a single web page.

You dream it up (or let us dream it up) and we can produce it. Whether it’s a web site element, or an online advertisement, our solutions will astound.

With standard web pages, data sent to or from the database to the web browser occurs only at a form submission or a page refresh. With Flash and Silverlight, data can be sent to and from the database in real-time. Additionally, a Flash front-end can incorporate much richer animations and user interface techniques allowing for a much easier to use and far more intuitive user experience.

Contact us and we can discuss how we may be able to help you achieve an ideal solution that is cost effective.