Public Relations

Public relations is a key element of any integrated marketing strategy.

Some Success Stories:
A nationally recognized orchestra was launched 13 years ago with our ID package, development materials, all advertising and promotional materials, and placement of over $120,000 of publicity each year. Beyond promotional efforts, Huntington became the de facto production company when this orchestra opened its first summer season of concerts at the Los Angeles County Arboretum in Arcadia that have since attracted thousands at each performance. Also, Huntington handled marketing for the orchestra’s “winter season” at Citrus College, Caltech, and Ambassador Auditorium. Huge audiences generated by our marketing efforts were deemed “spectacular” and became the envy of other performing arts companies.

Established for over 75 years, a Foster Care Services Non Profit was able to grow from six foster homes to nearly 270 after implementing our publicity and advertising plan. We averaged over $5,000 a month in publicity lineage keeping the organization top of mind with potential financial supporters. We produced events benefiting the girls throughout the year (talks, hair and makeup sessions, art/shows, etc.) that received regular front-page coverage.

Whether business to business or business to consumer, public relations efforts can include press coverage in local newspapers, or a mix of broadcast opportunities, trade publications, online editorials, blogs, specialty technical media outlets, and more.

Publications, broadcast and online media want news that caters to their audience, and we help you get your news in front of that same audience. Our public relations professionals have the inside track when it comes to newsrooms because they are former reporters and editors. They handle it all:

  • Interviews, research and writing of press releases. Promotional and web site copy
  • Distribution to print and broadcast news assignment editors and follow-up
  • Photo coordination and distribution
  • Media alerts
  • Public service announcements (PSAs)
  • Handling of media requests for interviews
  • Media invitations to events/media check-in
  • Post-event releases and followup
  • Press conferences
  • Promotional events
Public Relations Metrolink

Public Relations
Skillful delivery of the right message through our techniques and media contacts can have an effect on your company for years to come.

  • Press Releases
  • Target Placements
  • Advertorial Opportunities
  • Op Ed Development
  • Web Site Content
  • Reputation Management
  • Spokesperson Training
  • Media Tour
  • Crisis Control
  • Press Conferences
  • Editorial Campaign

Corporate Communications
Evolving technologies and global markets, are best described as unpredictable and lightning fast. Communications need to be strategically managed to be fluid.

  • Annual Reports
  • Newsletters
  • Teleconferencing
  • Market Research
  • E-Invites
  • Investor News
  • Seminars
  • Employee Collateral
  • Outreach Strategies
  • Intranet Systems, Maintenance
  • Merger, Acquisition Communications
  • Managing Executive Prescreens

Events Management
Events bring supporters to non-profits, customers to companies, or visitors to a community. Our turnkey approach and skilled staff will conceive, create and carry out your dream event on time and on budget.

  • Exhibits and Tradeshows
  • Registration Management
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Motivational Seminars
  • Videos
  • Fund Raisers
  • Educational Events
  • Catering Coordination
  • Event Marketing and Publicity
  • Site Selection
  • Guest Speakers
  • Entertainment Contracts