Brochure Design

Great print elicits action. Captivating visuals, insightful copy communicate your quality and value.

Here are some of our checkpoints:

Emotional Appeal: Consumers buy based on emotions and justify with logic. Does the ad or brochure design strike an emotional chord with prospects?

Be Professional: Poor quality paper, graphics or typical type hurt quality image.

Connection: Winning print connects with the target audience. Ideally, it should look at life from your customer’s perspective.

Readability: Some images need no copy at all as is the case with Nike. A swoosh is all we need to know the message. But that takes years of media strategy. Copy can be as simple as a few words like VW or perhaps should be in depth to explain value as the original Mercedes ads were. Instead, use bullet points, arrows, boxes or any other graphics to improve your brochure’s readability.

Simplicity: Speak in the customer’s language. The simpler the communications, the easier for your message to be understood.

Lead with Benefits: Grab your target market’s attention by selling the benefits such as time savings, enhanced productivity, or any other powerful benefit that your product offers.

Single Message: Focus your brochure on delivering on a clear, compelling message. A barrage of messages will only confuse and ultimately frustrate your customer with too much to sort through.

Focus on a Product or Service: Just as you should focus on a single message, hone in on a single product or service. Don’t make your brochure into a catalog with too many choices.

Make Call to Action: Your brochure should direct the customer to take a specific action such as a phone call for more information or to visit your web site.

Our brochure design and collateral development process:

• Evaluate sales goals and brochure usage
• Determine physical format and structure
• Develop creative concept and art direction
• Research and copywriting
• Take original photography or select stock images
• Design layout
• Prepress
• Printing
• Fulfillment and/or distribution

Whether you’d like a simple tri-fold brochure or a comprehensive collateral system, we have the experience to offer unique solutions that provide maximum return on your investment. Give us a call at (626) 292-1400 to see some more samples of our work and to plan your next brochure in more detail.