Reach People 24 Hours A Day On Their Mobile Devices

Enhance your brand … Increase sales … guide your reputation. It’s a mobile world now. Gone are the days of buying a zip code list or even an industry list. Your target is … well, all over the world. We will help you with your transformative mobile initiative. Next to the computer itself, we know of no more transforming time in our history as mobile devices change our lives, personally and professionally.

Let’s start with the facts.

  • 91% of all U.S. Citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7.
  • 70% of mobile users have compared prices via the mobile web.
  • Americans spend nearly 3 hours a day just socializing on their mobile device.
  • 70% of all mobile searches result in action within an hour!

The numbers are staggering, the opportunities mind-blowing. But are you prepared? Are you optimizing your brand in what has become the primary channel for communication?

Nearly 95% of all web sites aren’t even mobile ready. So the companies utilizing mobile internet marketing are cleaning up. Were you aware that your customers were addicted as they are to their mobile devices? Mobile users are three time more likely to buy than PC-only users. Mobile marketing must be at the center of your sales and marketing plan.

Huntington Marketing will learn what your customers really want from you on line and in mobile messaging. Should you be developing your own mobile app or mobile web application? Do you have a strategy that has, at its core, the engagement of your customer? Real engagement … as in exchange of communication. Most think Internet marketing is sending out a newsletter. Nope.

We will help you integrate your social and traditional marketing into your mobile strategy. We will share best practices in this new world of communication. And we will work on mobile analytics toward pinning down ROI. This will help you refine your mobile marketing strategy.

Are you making certain that your customer can respond the way you seek? Are they able to find the information needed on their small screens? Is navigation user-friendly? If you are selling a product or service, is payment easy by mobile devices? There are options in mobile payments.

There’s time for you to be the industry leader but you must act quickly. Call us … today.