Catalogs: Online Responsive And Print Production

When a new prospect receives your catalog, what they perceive about your catalog is what they perceive about your company, products, service, quality and credibility. Imagine this hypothetical scenario: Two catalogs from the same company were mailed on the same day to the same mailing list in the same quantity. However, one catalog had old pictures with bland descriptions and the other one was well designed with beautiful photography. The catalog with the better design and photography would produce far greater sales.

Huntington offers complete end-to-end catalog design, production and fulfillment services. We have the expertise, staff and facility to take a catalog project from start to finish no matter how large or small the task is.

In-house services and capabilities include:
• Catalog design and layout
• Concept and art direction
• Database to design integration
• Product and model photography
• Copywriting
• Prepress
• Printing and production
• Database marketing and list management
• Mailing and distribution
• Tracking and results analysis

How do we work? 
We create every catalog from scratch; we do not work from pre-made templates. We interview you about your target market, industry, competition and style needs and build a design best suited for you. We’ll help guide you in preparing your content to keep your costs down as well. We want a long-term relationship with our clients so making catalogs effective and ideally designed is a top priority.

How long does it take? 
Most typical catalog projects – catalogs of 32 to 64 pages – generally need about 4-8 weeks to design and proof. You’ll be very involved in approving both the style and layout along the way and we need to leave enough time to interact properly. Smaller catalogs might require less time, about 2-4 weeks. Printing usually needs another 7-14 working days as well. We can work with any printer of your choosing and can help you choose just the right printer for your specific project at no extra cost.

How do we get started? 
Call us at (626) 292-1400 or contact us by email. We’ll discuss your project, answer your questions, send you samples if you’d like and determine if we’re a good fit. If so, we’ll ask for a deposit, some signed paperwork and your content – copy, product samples and/or images and we’ll begin production on your catalog.

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